We specialize in different areas in the Cyber Security space creating a safe space for you to work. They include;

  • Security Audits & Assessments; Yelbridges speacializes in Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessements, VAPT among other services
  • Cyber Defense Simulation Training; A training that simulates a real life business enviroment, giving the best experience in simulated training.
  • Managed Security Services; A security operations center (SOC) that monitors your business 24/7/364.
  • Digital Forensics Investigations; Tracing back what has happened in your organization to un earth criminal activities.
  • Process Management for Information Security; Implementation and training on ISMS 27001 in an organization.
  • Application security management security architecture reviews; Review and quality assuarance for products before they get to production.
  • Incidence Response; The goal of incident response is to quickly identify an attack, minimize its effects, contain the damage, and lastly identify and remediate the root cause of the incident to reduce the risk of future incidents.

Security Audits & Assessments

Our aim at Yelbridges is giving quality security audits and assessments to organizations with global acknowledged standards. We focus on current techniques and methods that assure organizations of better security postures protecting themselves from cyber attacks.
An IT security audit involves an IT specialist examining an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure to identify the strength of its current security arrangements and pinpoint any potential vulnerabilities.

Process Management for Information Security

We help organizations build their cyber resilience strategies by having implemented process management standards like Information Security Management services (ISMS 27001), Information Security Risk Management (ISRM), Application Security Management System (ASMS) and Secure Software Development (sSDLC)
Project management is important because it ensures the right people do the right things, at the right time – it ensures proper project process is followed throughout the project lifecycle. Project Management becomes a real challenge for the enterprise wide IT security projects. How do we properly manage such a project? Is there a way to adapt the project management principles for this sensitive field called enterprise security?
An inclusion of all parties in an organization is important and the process management procedures focus on letting the management and directors champion the conversation on cyber Security and over see the implementation of the procedures.

Managed Security Services

Yelbridges offers state of the art managed security services that ensure your business is safe all round the clock with 24hr monitering services. The Security operations center by Network Box is of global standards offering services across the world and a one of a kind in Africa.
The center being the 8th globally setup by Network box puts Africa on the map of major security service providers. The monitoring capability will be linked to all the other SOCs around the globe ensuring that clients get high quality all round the clock monitoring service. This takes advantage of the time difference we have across the globe and also a measure to ensure our clients businesses are always on check.
The clientel portfolio that would qualify for the managed security services include Financial Sectors, Govervament sectors, Private Sectors, FinTechs, Small & Medium Enterprices (SMEs), Manufacturing companies and service providers.

Digital Forensics Audits & Incidence Response

Security breaches occur all the time despite security measures you have put in place. The attack can emmanate from within the organization (insider threat) or externally. This can not always be anticipated and hence your organization needs to back track what had happened to get to prevent re-occurence.
At Yelbridges, we offer Forensics investigation services that will help you as an organization identify WHO, WHAT and HOW a cyber attack got to you. Our expertise advises your organization on how to respond to such Incidence and also ensure that your business is on with lower down times and give a report on occurences. This ensures that the business does not give in to cyber attacks but are able to identify how the criminals came in, what they did and how they were able to achieve.
After the forensics service, our team gives recommendations that will seal the vulnerability exploited and advise on way forward.

Cyber Security Awareness Trainings

Cultivating a security mindset;
Reflecting a world of evolving risk, we deliver content arming our clients with best practices and nurturing a mindset of security amongst their staff. Each individual is turned into a ‘human firewall’ that then becomes impenetrable part of the organizations broad-based cyber security defenses.
We offer tailor made training focusing on;

  • Technical Staff: Your IT and Security teams get more indepth training sessions that give them real case scenarios that enable them to meet organizations demands.Basically trained as Blue teamers (Organizations defenders)
  • End User Training: Training focusing on the organizations staff as well as end users. Not a Technical training, but with demos to appreciate risk possed by Cyber criminals. Security is not just for IT teams, but everyones business.

Cyber Crisis Simulation (#Room42)

The ROOM#42 is a cyber attack simulation. It is an innovative and unique concept, during which “participants” are completely immersed in a cyber attack and need to react and manage different threat/incident situations.
Yelbridges is a partner of C3 Cybersecurity Competence Center, Luxembourg. Room 42 is one of the highlights of the Cybersecurity Competence Center. It is a cyber attack simulator game made in Luxemboug.
It's innovative and unique concept allows participants to be completely impressed in a cyber attack simulation. The way the players interact and behave is being followed by the "game master" who will adjust the flow of the "serious game" accordingly. Good decisions will be rewarded and poor decisions penalised.

Room42 Cyber Incidence Simulation

Cyber Insurance

There are only three things that are inevitable in life; Death, Taxes & Cyber breaches.
Cyber Insurance is a policy designed to protect organizations from financial loss emanating from cyber incidents. Cyber attacks have been on the increase leading to massive losses to organizations. Boards and Senior Management are considering transferring the risk through cyber insurance.
Yelbridges offers the below services to Re-insurers, Insurance and their customers;

  • Pre-breach Services : including Cyber Risk Quantification and vendor risk assessment.
  • Value-add Services: Security audit including pentest, Vulnerability Assessment etc, Managed Security Services, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Cyber4Growth Business Club Membership.
  • Post-breach Services Incident Response & recovery, forensic investigation and crisis management services.

Cyber Insurance
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